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Questions about Clyde Marine Training and General Cadetship

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  • Questions about Clyde Marine Training and General Cadetship

    Hi there. I am currently working for an Aberdeen based shipping company in the North Sea as a Deckhand. I enjoy being at sea therefore for me to make a proper career out of it I have decided to apply for a cadetship. I could go directly through my company although do not want to get stuck on an ERRV for obvious reasons. I have been in touch with Clyde Marine and am going to apply after my next trip (I need to get my Masters contact details for a reference). Just wondering if any CMT cadets can lend some advice. How likely are you to get your preferred sponsoring company? I would like to keep within the oil and gas industry therefore would like to get Subsea 7, Gulf Offshore, Chevron, Farstad, etc. With Subsea 7 being my most preferred.

    I am also applying to BP, Shell, Maersk although these companies are notoriously hard to get a cadetship with even when you have the grades I have heard.

    Any advice would be much appreciated,

    Thanks a lot,


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    Anglo eastern also recruit on behalf of subsea 7. They also recruit for DOF and Rio tinto.