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    Can somebody give me an idea of what it entails, and what I should expect from the pre-interview test administered on the day?

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    The test is a logic thing. questions are on the lines of "Hand is to arm, like ear is to: a)sound b)head c)eyes or d)hair" absolutely nothing to worry about. One or two maths questions etc, but you're not expected to finish the test, it's just for research as much as anything. Apparently Masters and Chiefs tend to score around 30 odd out of 50. If you can't do a question just skip it and move onto one you can.

    I can't really comment on a typical interview day because I had one on my own as I couldn't make my scheduled interview. But I think you'll get shown a video and a short presentation (I just kind of skimmed through it with the interviewer rather than sit watching for an hour etc). Then you have the test, and then the interview. The interview's conversation based rather than the points system with clyde. The interviewer is great at putting you at ease so don't worry about that, and just act confident even if you're not! Show some relevant industry knowledge and that you're really keen etc etc.

    Just don't panic, do your homework and get a good night's sleep the night before. You don't want to be yawning through your interview!

    Oh and good luck


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      Also, read this thread. The 'good boy folder' is invaluable!