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    Ok, so i have an interview with maersk in a few weeks time. I sm wondering what sort of things they will want me to know. And if there is any info that i could recall that would really impress the interviewer

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    Tell him you know Chiefy.....cant fail fail to impress......other than that...have a read around here, but basically have a bit of a clue....why you want this job, a little about the company...the triple e's ( ....maybe), any relevant hobbies, interests etc (like watching discovery channel etc) some waffle about how you want the career and know the usual to get a job ;-)

    Which is the main point some people make the mistake of thinking it is just sponsor ship and just college, effectively it is a job and a career and as such the interview is to be treated as such, but by the same token no need to panic, they have given up eating babies in the office, just naughty cadets and junior officers
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