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    What are the chances of actually getting accepted when given an interview? I have two interviews cmin up so would like to know about my chances. (CMT & Maersk btw)

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    I would say that you have a better chance of getting accepted with Clyde Marine than Maersk purely because of the number of cadets Clyde take on. However,there are hundreds of factors that come into play i.e your grades, work experience, family connections, interview skills, (The big question which is 'Why do you want to pursue this career') How much do you know about the ships; engines- 2 and 4 stroke etc...

    I feel it would be very hard to say what your chances are of getting in, personally I've had interviews with both Clyde and Maersk, and have come out thinking I've messed up both of them, but in actual fact they both offered me sponsorship!

    Best thing to do, is read up on the career (Clyde Marine will send you info on ship type), be clear about why you want to go to sea, and be fairly confident when you walk in there. (Even if your not).

    Hope this is of some help, and good luck!


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      I wouldn't worry about the odds. Knowing the odds doesn't change them (apart from in special circumstances:

      Like tommo said, swat up as best you can, and then some. Show your determination, read the interview tips thread (good boy folder is invaluable), and find any evidence of 'stickability' such as being in scouts for so many years and collecting lots of badges or that massive lego model of a container ship you built. I suppose for engineers some photos of any engineering related thing you might have done is better (e.g lawnmower stripdown and rebuild, or fixing something etc.)

      Like Hatchorder says on the interview tips thread, they've invited you to interview, they want you to get the job and they're certainly not trying to trip you up.

      Prepare answers for any question you think they might answer. Think about what they really want to hear, buzzwords you can fit in etc. although the Clyde questions are very straightforward so as long you've memorised the crib sheet you can't go wrong. Maersk is more like a conversation so more opportunity to sell yourself.

      Good luck