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  • RFA Psychometric Test

    Dear Friends,

    I have had my RFA application accepted and told that the next step will be a psychometric test at my local Armed Forces Careers Office.
    I would like to know if anybody knows if this will be the same as the online psychometric test that I took for Maersk (basically a personality test).

    Many Thanks.

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    Hey, I've done both Maersk and the RFA tests and right now I'm waiting for a date to go down to Portsmouth for the next stage.

    If your experiences are the same as mine then this will be nothing like Maersk. There is no personality test in the RFA at this stage (I think it might come up during the AIB but I'm not there yet), what you will be doing is more of an aptitude test. You have a very short space of time to answer sets of simple logic, mathematics and communication based questions. They sit you down in a room with a load of other applicants, not just RFA but for all naval branches, you all sit the same test and the only thing that differs from department to department is the pass grade.

    It isn't difficult just very pressurised, you don't have a lot of time to double check anything, so make sure you read the question properly and make a sensible choice when it comes to the answer.

    Good luck.


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      Maersk have tests?


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        Hi Lewis.

        My experience was that I had to take a psychometric test online and then three very easy maths tests online, check the following link for more info -

        Before the interview in Newcastle we also had to do a test, that was much harder!


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          Hi Daz, I really appreciate the quick response, sorry that is has taken me so long to get back to you!

          I received a practice booklet in the post that I have gone through, did you receive one of those as well?

          The booklet says there will also be an interview at this stage, although I am wondering if that is just for RN and Marines. Did you have to take an interview at this stage?

          Many thanks again.


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            What does Maersk's Physchometric test involve?


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              Originally posted by MacNeil View Post
              What does Maersk's Physchometric test involve?
              A series of yes and no questions. Nothing to worry about, can't fake it, can't guess what they're looking for, and can't revise for it.


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                Thanks. I have it tomorrow, I think.


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                  Now experienced both, so I can give some answers here.

                  For RFA you will actually be sent a small practice booklet. The actual questions are harder but you will just want to practice long addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - you may want to look at some basic mechanical principles as well.

                  Maersk's test is harder. The online one can't be prepared for, but the classroom one will be maths again - YOU MUST WORK VERY QUICKLY.