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  • AIB Essay

    Just wondering if anyone had any advice or help on the essay you have to do thanks

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    It wasn't too bad, time was quite tight. There was (I think) around 5 possible titles, which you're shown then given a little while to think about and write a page or two on the topic. They're looking for how coherent you can think and write, how well you can present your argument and how legible your handwriting is.

    I think I wrote something on censorship of the media, there were other possible titles on the falklands (I think?) and I think one of the relevance of the Royal Navy in modern warfare. It really wasn't too bad, and everyone else doing their AIB on the day agrees that it went pretty well for us all...


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      Ok thanks, how did your AIB go?


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        Same with me, 5 possible titles to choose from. Nothing too technical, common knowledge stuff mostly. To give an example the one I chose was on the role of the Internet in modern society, other options were the use of CCTV in law enforcement, the dangers of nuclear proliferation, the use of performance enhancing drugs in professional sports and the effectiveness of the UN as an international peacekeeping body.If you're the sort of person who keeps up with current affairs then you will have the required background knowledge to write an informed essay on at least one of the topics you are given.

        As Sadfox said they are looking to see if you can form a logical argument and communicate your opinions effectively and professionally in writing. As for handwriting, it is important and common sense argues that you should aim to write as neatly as possible but mine is absolutely shocking and I still managed a pass overall, so it's hardly a deal-breaker.

        Also be mindful of the time limit, can't stress that one enough.

        Good luck!


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          My AIB went well, it was an extremely fun couple of days. As with many things you get out what you put in, if you go to it with an attitude of enjoying yourself you shouldn't have too much trouble.

          As All At Sea says, the time limit is extremely tight, as is the length of the essay. You only have 2 sides of paper (with really wide lines!) to fill, and it'll pay to take a minute during your prep time to plan out how much space you're devoting, unless you (like me) end up with only 2 lines to write your conclusion on and increasingly tiny handwriting...


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            Thanks for the help guys much apreciated