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    While looking on the NMM website I've noticed that 'Chevron' is listed as a client. I was hoping to put NNM and Chevron down as 2 of my 3 options if I get offered a place with CMT (I have an interview later this month).

    If I do get an offer, is there any point putting Chevron and NNM down? By putting them both down would I be basically wasting one of the 3 choices?

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    I believe cadets with Northern Marine tend to go with Stena most of the time (the tanker side). Haven't heard of any being placed with Chevron, so I'd probably put both down if tankers are what you want. Both have a decent oil and gas fleet.
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      I wouldn't worry too much clyde have a tendency to ignore them.


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        Ok, thanks CharlieDelta

        Originally posted by Lewis View Post
        I wouldn't worry too much clyde have a tendency to ignore them.
        Aye I have heard that, but I'm assuming that I'll get asked what companies I'm interested at the interview. Thought it would be usful to check these things out.


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          In my class there are 6 Northern Marine cadets and 2 chevron. Both companies do 2nd interviews as well, in my opinion Northern Marine are by far the best company to choose from as they have a vast amount of vessels and from what I heard you will be in different boats each time so chances are you will get a combined ticket. Chevron have a specific tanker for cadets but they rarely take on cadets, they also give the cadets an extra ?100 per week which isn't bad.


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            Originally posted by Matthew93 View Post
            Chevron have a specific tanker for cadets
            Not quite, Chevron have about 27 ships, 23 that British cadets can go on. The Capicorn Voyager was built with training cadets in mind and it has an extra floor for this with class rooms etc. However all ships take on cadets, not just the training ones.

            Northern Marine Management are used by Chevron as the personel department, at least for me. So I report to NMM people who deal with people on Chevrons behalf. You may be a Chevron cadet but you go to the NMM offices and speak to their people.


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              I'd go Chevron, that ?100 extra would come in very useful when at college. Everyone is constantly skint