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A head start for all you aspiring Engineer Cadets

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  • A head start for all you aspiring Engineer Cadets

    I found something today which I think will be a huge help to all you aspiring ginger beers....

    I know that you will obviously not have to have the same amount of skills with knots as the Deck Cadets, but there are some basic ones that may help you from day one....

    You MAY know one or two of them (The top two). I only say may....

    So here you go.. (Click to see a bigger version!)

    E knots.jpg

    Thank me later!

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    Haha! Think I'll have to keep a copy of that picture with me just to remember them all! The ultra advanced knot is a thing of beauty!


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      Ha, literally just seen this a minute ago on Facebook. The wife and I were both having a good chuckle.
      "Crazy like wild wolves threatened by fire, send them all to the bottom of the sea."


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        Reminds me of this one
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