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  • Passport Changes.

    I was just wondering, my Passport expires this time next year, so I'm going need to get it renewed soon so it'll be fine through my cadetship. I have recently had my ENG 1 done, will this be affected by my passport no. changing as I think it does in the UK? Also is it worth getting it renewed before my US Visa is done?

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    Yes it is worth getting it renewed before you do your US visa, but it is not absolutely necessary, you can still carry your old passport with US visa and your current passport at the same time. The issue with the ENG1 is not one that I have come across before as I have always had my discharge book number on my ENG1, I would imagine that the same would apply in that you could just carry your old passport, but I don't know for sure so best to check with your company or the MCA seafarer standards branch.
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      Inerview/ passport

      Hi, i have an interview with CMT in april and ive been asked to bring my passport although my passport expires at the end of may. Will this affect my interview and how will it be resolved.



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        They will want a copy of it, but also use it to make sure you're who you say you are ;-) dont worry about it expiring, assuming you get the job they will want a copy (scanned) of the shiny new one, also they will (at some point) send you off for a US visa (a fun filled day covered elsewhere on here)
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          Thanks! My minds now at ease haha


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            First of all you can apply for a new passport up to nine whole months before yours is due to expire and they will add the unexpired portion of your existing passport onto your new one. So you will get a passport with 10 years and 9 months on it.

            Secondly, your passport number on your ENG1 is because the ENG1 has no photo ID associated with it. Therefore you could get anyone to attend an ENG1 for you and claim they are you. By having a reference to a Photo ID then they can prove they gave the medical to the right person. When you apply for a new passport they will send the old one back to you with the corners clipped off. You can then produce it if required to match the ENG1. As Chiefy says, once you have your Discharge Book you will have that number on your ENG1 because it never expires and is another valid form of Photo ID.

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