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Have I left it too late for sept?

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  • Have I left it too late for sept?

    Hello, I was on a one year precadetship course since last September. Some unfortunate family issues overcomplicated things however and I have had to recently drop out as it really wasn't viable to keep going.

    However I still really want to go into the merchant navy and I don't see there being anything else I would ever want to do. I'm 18, have no alevels and my gcses are respectable. Not amazing, but decent. It's not too late to apply for september as a deckie, is it?

    I'm just feeling a little bit worried as I have seen people saying companies have already got shortlists.

    As long as I write a decent cover letter, my gcses are fine, I present myself well at interviews and I apply basically anywhere, there's no reason why I would miss out, right?

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    Definitely not too late. In fact I started applying about this time last year and I started in September 2012. Some companies have shortlisted yes, I think Maersk close there application date rather early. But others will still be recruiting. I believe for September 2012 entry Bibby Ship Management and Clyde Marine Training were still recruiting in July 2012.

    Some companies prefer to sponsor through the FD route, others have no preference. My advice would be apply to as many as possible and you could be in with a chance. Also if its relatively easy to get to Warsash Maritime Academy are having an open day in March, where many companies will attend and some on rare occasions have interviewed at an Open Days.
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      I can confirm that Maersk has closed 2013 applications