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    Hi im new to his and just looking for a bit of advice. Basically im 24 year olds and fancy a life change. Ive been in the same job for six years and ive gotten as far as I can go and Im completely bored and at my wits end. Going to sea has always fascinated me and to be honest its working as a deckhand that appeals to me. Im just looking for a bit of advice as to what opportunities if any there is for me. As i said im 24 year old, left school at 16 its really manual work that I would rather do. I dont know if im just wasting my time looking into this or not or maybe im too old. any info with regards to salary, good companies to work for or courses to do etc would be much appreciated aswell. Thanks a lot Cameron

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    At first You have to form seaman's book, Basic Safety Training Certificate and health certificate - this is a basic set of certificates. Then apply to companies for deck cadet position. As far as I remember after two months as cadet You can apply for O/S certificate (Rating forming part of a navigational watch cert.). I don't think You're too old. About the salaries - as deck cadet You can count on 400-700 EUR per month depending on employer.


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      I'll assume you are British, in which case you need to find a company that take on British A/B's you will need tog et some basic courses, this may or may not be covered by an employer, some take on Deck Trainee's which would cover all this and some basic sea school malarky :-)

      Try the off shore sector, Boston Putfords springs to mind, the other route is to join as a cadet and become an officer (in time) this is paid for training and new skill sets, if you like manual work I may point at the door marked "Engineer" ;-) 3-4 years sanwich type course plus beer tokens, whats not to like ;-)
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        Hi, further to what Chiefy has said above, other companies / organisations that take on British ratings are some of the inter-island ferry companies operating around the UK or of course the RFA & while not merchant navy there is of course the Royal Navy.

        There's also numerous jobs for ratings on super yachts (given the amount of emails I get from certain agencies) although as far as I can see that would involve you having to have your STCW courses and in most cases EDH.

        Have a look at;

        The Royal Fleet Auxiliary is a Merchant Navy organisation that is made up of civilian-crewed ships operated by the Ministry of Defence. It provides vital – and highly valued – logistical and operational support to the Royal Navy and Royal...

        Originally posted by Red Funnel
        General Purpose Deck Hands

        Your duties will be of a General Purpose nature, ensuring loading and discharging of the vehicle decks, safe operation & maintenance of the vessels and their equipment, whilst providing excellent customer service in all areas, as required & directed by the Master.
        In addition and when directed, you may be required to assist in the loading/car parking Operations ashore, or in the Food and Beverage operations, on board.

        You will have previous relevant experience working on board in an operational role, and either have already obtained or be able to obtain the EDH certificate before the start date above. Help can be provided for this. You must also be able to demonstrate a high level of Customer Service skills ensuring that our customers have an enjoyable and safe experience. You must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and have the ability to work under pressure.

        You will be required to hold, or obtain an ENG1 medical examination.
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          As above RFA or RN; assuming of course you are British or a citizen of a Commonwealth country.


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            For true hands on work with good rewards, then seriously consider yachting.