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  • UP Offshore?

    Is anyone with the north sea supply company UP offshore? If so can you tell me any information about the working hours for an engineering cadet, on-board facilities and nationality of crew


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    Haven't heard of them myself but welcome!! I'm sure someone will be along soon!
    Hello! I'm Chris. I'm away a lot so I'm sorry if it takes me a while to reply to messages, but I promise I'll get back to everyone. If it's urgent, please email me directly at [email protected].

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      Is this as in 'Ultrapetrol'? took some finding that on google like. Iv been working in the North Sea the past year and I haven't heard of them but it can be hard to tell what company owns some ships. I'm sure you already know but it looks like they own 12 platform supply vessels (PSV's) no anchor handlers (AHTS) as well as large river based fleet and various tankers. I'd wish I could help you more but I know nothing about them. If you know what part of the north sea they operate in it may help to know who's onboard, in different sectors (Norwegian, Danish, UK etc) you will sometimes have to have certain nationalities onboard. good luck! =]


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        Hey buddy
        I'm with up offshore as a cadet just now facilities are pretty basic got a multigym a treadmill and a cycling machine. The crew are all Indian but are nice guys generally, better like curry though, if your under eighteen expect to work 6-6 as its company policies that you cant work night shift and ums watches dont exist here, so when you joining ship its the up jasper if you don't already know
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          That is unless your going to Brazil ,that's where the rest of the fleet is


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            Alright mate, Im over 18 and im an engine cadet, so its just going to be 8 off 4 on? English speaking crew? Do you get any shore leave? I could be here all day asking questions haha, il just inbox you pal.


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              If I remember correctly , I seen a U.P vessel in Peterhead a couple months ago.

              Was a medium sized PSV , Indian crew. Couldnt tell you much more


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                Any updated info on this company? There's 3 of us with UP here at South Tyneside, and we haven't had any info about the company other than what we could find on the website, which is not much!


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                  Hello .

                  I am currently started my phase 1 and my sponsoring company is Up Offshore, Could anyone apart from the above know more info about them ?

                  Thank You