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South Shields Open Day 2013

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  • South Shields Open Day 2013

    So, I got rejected by Maersk but I'm trying to stay positive and pro-active.

    Will anyone else be being pro-active and attending the open day coming up this weekend at the South shields college?

    I went last year and learned a lot, this year I'm hoping to pick up some last minute applications.

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    Hard luck mate, did you get an interview? i know you had a few issues with the test and them not receiving it etc.. Im going up to Fleetwood for thier open day next week, being from the northwest and all that. You've got to stay positive, if you really want it you will get it.....good luck


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      Thanks, I am trying to stay positive. I am a little bitter but I think that's just because I wanted to make it so badly. Still, who the hell gets their first choice, first time round? (Rhetorical question, don't inbox me with success stories)

      I really wanted to visit the fleetwood campus actually, I've been to the South Shields one before so I already know the facilities there. I just couldn't scrape together the cash to get to Blackpool this month.