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    Hi all,

    Just reading that a lot of you have recieved e-mails from Maersk regardinh a test? I have also applied to Maersk but haven't received any e-mail from them. I rang them last week but the guys who deal with recruits were out on college visits. I will try and ring them again tomorrow, but can I being to assume that as I haven't heard anything from them and that a lot of you guys have, that I have fallen at the first hurdle??
    Any info gratefully received.

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    Hey Matt, I'm afraid I can't really help you there. I received my initial confirmation of making it past the first round a couple weeks ago :/ I would expect them to let you know if you haven't been successful in your application but I really don't know. For all its worth I hope you'll have one in your inbox soon!! If not there is always next intake

    Good luck my man!


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      I think there's something on the application form that says they won't contact you if you're unsuccessful... They get about a thousand applications a year so they don't respond to every single one. It never hurts to chase things up though, it shows that you care.