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    Hi, I was just wondering whether any one could help me out on giving me a few bits of information about warsash open day.
    One question is... Do companies actually recruit at the open day?
    Im looking specifically at doing a cadetship with Carnival UK and I was just wondering how hard it is to get a cadetship with them?
    And I'm also wondering what I should take down with me in terms of CVs and also wondering what I should wear on the day?

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    HI ChronoJunior

    Very occasionally some companies may do an interview at the open day but on the whole no, especially Carnival UK(CUK) - definately not. To get a job at CUK you would be expected to have good grades just above their minimum, and then pass their selection tests etc, well presented and come across well.

    I would definately take your CV with you (and a couple of copies) and as for what to wear - you cant go wrong with smart shirt and trousers.

    May be worth following the previous thread about this.


    Pilotage - It's just a controlled allision


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      Hi Chrono Junior

      Did you go to the open day in the end? I tried to travel from Bedfordshire but got over halfway and the weather was terrible and read that it would be a reduced open day, so we never got there.
      I have been before - just wanted to see the accomodation and speak to Princess.

      And in answer to your question, if the companies aren't busy (which isnt very often) theu can sometimes interview you there and then. So if your going to the one in June it's best to take a C.V. & smart / formal wear. Pretty much what 'Pilot Chris' has said above