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Upper age limit for Cadet Deck Officer?

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  • Upper age limit for Cadet Deck Officer?

    Hi all,

    I've reached that point in my lift that I've become completely sick and tired of my reasonably well paid 9-5 desk job and I'm looking for a career change. I really would like to start my new career at sea, but I'm wondering if there is an upper age limit for applying to joining as a cadet deck officer?

    I'm 29 in a month or so and come from 10yrs working as a design technician in Structural & Civil engineering. Unfortunately I lack the UCAS points to allow me to get onto the FD course, although I have qualifications like ONC & HNC in Civil Engineering (only yr1 HNC as my employer decided to stop paying for the course to save costs) and other various engineering quals, they do not carry any UCAS points.

    Would a sponsor still consider someone of my age, background and lack of UCAS points for the FD, which I feel I'm capable of doing.



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    You're not direct from School, therefore UCAS points system doesnt really apply as such...

    Your best bet is to apply and see what they say. There are numerous people who start off as cadets in their late 20's / early 30's for various reasons.
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      I'm 28, just about to finish my 1st college phase. I am with Clyde Marine. I applied for all of the companies on the CAS website, but only CMT, and Meridian offered to interview me. I got both offers, but obviously, Meridian went bust. Gordon Pritchard might have possibly offered me an interview, but if I remember rightly, they were messing me around. Not many of the other companies even got back to me. I believe that most of the other companies prefer to take on younger cadets. You should apply for as many as you can. If you throw enough ****, some of it sticks.


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        Originally posted by Gary_b View Post
        I'm wondering if there is an upper age limit for applying to joining as a cadet deck officer?
        Legally, No, there is no limit.

        I was 26 when I started my cadetship, and there were cadets at college who were several years older than me.


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          We had a guy in our intake who was 29 when he started. Fresh from the REME...
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            Excellent, thanks for the replies. I feel a little more confident I'm in with a chance!


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              You young things! I will be 46 very soon and am in the final stage of applying for an RFA cadetship. That age sounds awful doesn't it? Don't worry, I have spent most of my life being young.

              There is no upper age limit, by law, in the merchant navy. Employers may take a different, and illegal, approach. Present yourself at your best - you are an asset and don't forget it.


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                I think there is a trend to take on older cadets (with my company anyway). They bring a different attitude to work and different life experiences to the cadetship that certainly helped me out during the first few phases. (I'm 28 and had a whole other career before this).
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