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  • CMT Application Wording

    Hi guys,

    Please list any sports or other interests you have and any clubs or societies you are currently involved in or have been a member: "

    Do you reckon they literally just want a list or series of bullet points; or should it be closer to a prose answer? Could preferably anyone who has already applied and been successful let me know what they put? I'm happy to hear anyone's opinion really though.

    This is what I hate about forms, there's always a question or two that could be answered in more than one way. Then again, this is why I love about this forum, lots of lovely people to flatter into helping me out...


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    Hi Fergus!
    I applied to Clyde Marine about a month ago, and got offered a place at Glasgow for the PD route. When it came to Hobbies/Interests I found that it was closely linked to my personal statement,however I didn't bullet point it, I personally feel it's better if you put it into sentences and paragraphs.
    I will send you a copy of what I put down, from my personal statement I created a while back.

    Hope this is of some help!



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      OK, good to know. Thanks, if you could that would be amazing!


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        I can't speak for CMT, but if I was looking at application I would want a little more than a simple list, but not much more than a sentence on each.

        Something along the lines of

        I am a keen kayaker and often lead kayak tours around the coast of Lanzarote

        I enjoy walking and am a member of a local walking group

        I also enjoy reading, music and computing.
        Go out, do stuff


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          Just applied with CMT a couple of days ago, wasn't expecting an IQ test at the beginning though.
          I conveyed different points in short sentence structure, not going into too much detail though - I guess that leaves more for you to say in an interview if asked!
          Good luck, are you applying online? I tried to find a hard copy application form, but couldnt, maybe they only recruit online. (it just feels a lot more physical and official by post).


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            haha, yeah that was a fun surprise. Yeah I've just sent it in online about half an hour ago. At least there is an application form. It's a bit daunting when they just say email here to apply...


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              Yeah, let me know when you get a reply... never know, I may be going to college with you the end of this year!


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                Will do!