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  • Visa Confusion


    I've hit some confusion regarding a Class c-1/d us visa.

    I disclosed a police caution to maersk when i applied.
    And this Worried the HR department and questioned whether or not i would be eligible for a us visa.
    After being a right pest to a member of HR at maersk she advised i find out if i can get a us visa.
    So after a few hours of research I found you cant find out whether you're eligible or not, so it must be a case of, go and try if you do then great if you can't then oh dear.
    Is that true does anyone know? I'd hate to travel to London apply for a visa, spend all that money and not get one as this is out of my pocket not a sponsors
    Has anyone else ever came across this barrier?

    My application with Maersk is on hold And I'm waiting to hear back from carnival I've slowed my applications down until I've sorted out this visa problem.

    Thank you

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    As far as i know the very short answer is no, the only way to find out 100% either way is to apply for it, you will find people with police history having got them, but to be 100% you would need someone with exactly the same caution at exactly the same time.
    Really if you are sure you want this career then the cost of a visa is a small investment, and you can probably reclaim the fees etc if you are successful.
    you can take it with a pinch of salt, but i prefer it with a nip of whisky


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      Thats what I was thinking, I'm looking to go back to college for a year in September anyway to retake GCSE's so it adds another year onto elapsed time and shows I've done something to better myself and keep my nose clean for a professional MN career!

      Thanks for your help.



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        Better understanding right now, what i've heard is for that C-1/D Us visa you need to have an offer from a sponsor, to prove what ship i would be on, port i would be leaving from, what I would be doing and where I would be travelling.

        So there is no point in my mind just yet, going to fork out for a Us Visa, when I don't have a offer or anything so I am unsure why i am being told to.

        Maersk had also mentioned an advanced crb check, to see what comes up, again i need to be employed and the company that sponsor/employ me need to give me a form, I cant perform a CRB check on myself, so back to square one on the confusion grid!