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Had the go ahead to apply for engine cadet

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  • Had the go ahead to apply for engine cadet

    Hello there

    Was recently going to apply for deckie but found out my qualifacations wouldnt let me but i could apply for engine cadet with doing an engineering related course and having engineering quals so i'm just wondering if there is anyone whos an engineer or currently and engine cadet can tell me what ill be up to as a cadet if i get sponsor ship and accepted



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    Why are you applying? If you have no idea what the job involves?


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      its not that i have no idea.. i know about what entails just not in mass detail, dont jump the gun. but there is bound to be things you do that recruiters dont cover. and it would be good to hear it from someone who isn currently doing what i want to do ive read the website been on careers at sea but would be nice to hear someones story..


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        As useful as it would be to you, I doubt very much that anyone has the time to write you their life story, and sadly we don't seem to have any blogging engineer cadets. (Anyone want to offer??) However, if you have a poke around Antijanner's blog there are some engineery posts which you should find interesting.


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          I did not think there would be but was worth a try. shame there is no blogging engine cadets I'll have a look at that blog thanks buddy



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            As an engine cadet, you'll do a mixture of stuff, from cleaning and painting decks and pipes, cleaning filters, taking soundings and readings to start of with. You will also help out with routine maintenance, and if you show willing and prove competent you may even be assigned jobs as well. Depending on the ship, you may also get to help clean and dismantle purifiers (you'll hate that one of it is a Fuel Oil jobby), take performance figures for engines, overhaul injectors, possibly help with engine overhauls, maybe boiler work. These depend on what the ships have fitted.

            Training wise, you will be expected to trace and draw all the systems (cooling water, lubrication, fuel, sewage, etc etc), understudy watchs (if the ship does them), and complete work on various pieces of machinery (some you may do yourself, others with an engineer.)

            That is the basics for you


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              Ignore the deckie trying to put an aspiring engineer down, we're not all like that, best of luck.


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                hey brookster thats what i thought to be honest some of that is my bread and butter as i have come from a mechanical back round it sounds good to me i'm hoping i can get sponsored and get into maersk!

                Thanks polaris!

                I'm trying to do my personal statement for maersk but it says "personal statement, explain why you want t pursue a career in seafaring" but a personal state to me, is about me so i have done a little about me and a little bit about why i want to be in the merchant navy. i dont know anyone who can review it to tell me if i am heading in the right direction, perhaps since you are an officer brookster you know of sources to point me in the right direction