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  • Back with another question!


    Its my understanding that applying to the merchant navy is not like a normal job at tesco or asda in recruitment terms.
    Correct me if i am wrong but do you need to apply to a company to be sponsored to be sent to college.
    For example i want to be a deck cadet so i would have to apply to a firm Say Maersk for sponsorship for my living and course costs.

    thats how i think it works.
    Can someone please tell me if im wrong.

    I'm new to this sort of thing so trying to get my head around how things work!

    thank you

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    Meh i don't even think my application would be accepted, I don't have 5 GCSE's A-C. so there will be no way i can get sponsored or anything without them 5 Gcses?


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      You are right. You need a sponsor to follow the usual cadetship route. And as you say 5 GCSE's including Maths and English.

      Best thing you can do is get onto the website and you will find a list of sponsoring companies. But whatever you do, do not give up on the idea of going to sea as an officer if that is what you want to do. Find out how to sort out the GCSE's get them taken again if need be, and then follow it through. Without knowing your age and circumstances then I cannot advise you more. Tell us what qualifications you do have, what your age is etc and then we may be able to give you a lot more advice.

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      Hope this helps.

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        hey mate thanks for the help, i'm looking into now retaking the gcse's at college. I'm 18 in my 3rd year of college doing light vehicle maint and repair, finish in june put i'm only in college for that 2 days a week, i'm hoping with being 18 and still a student i cant get the gcse course for free or discounted as its expensive! but i have: Maths - D, English - D, Chemistry - D, Bilogy - D, and Physics - D for the main ones.
        I regret them grades and how i could have done better at school but i can become more educated by doing them again and its only 1 academic year!



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          I would also suggest the course you are doing now my carry some weight in lieu of the actual GCSE grades. 3 year course assuming started at 16 makes 19 or there abouts? Talk to some of the sponsor companies, on the phone if need be, they are quite good at giving advice, then at least you know for sure.
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            Thats true i started my course when i first turned 16 i left school at 15 as i was one of the younger lot in the year birthday being start of july so when i finish i'll nearly be 19 yes i'm going to make a few phonecalls tomorrow on my break at college! its tormenting me now!