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What company for cadetship !?

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  • What company for cadetship !?

    Hi this is my first post on the site, found some great information so far but i just have some specific questions. I plan to apply to Glasgow college for September start in the professional diploma course, i will be entering the course as a school leaver, i have the required grades for course entry but i could do with some help with the sponsorship. I have found numerous companies whilst browsing the web but have no idea what ones will suit me. Im really not to bothered what kind if company is Im just looking for one where i will recieve sufficient training and one that preferably doesn't have many language barriers. I would much prefer a company that is looking to employ on completion of the course. Do all companies pay you throughout the course ? Even if i am living at time with no accommodation or tuition fees ? (this is for engine officer role)

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    Hi Watt

    You need to get a cadetship sponsor first, they will then place you at a college. Have a look at the MNTB website, they have a list of most of the companies which sponsor cadets. My advice would be a to apply to all of them. It really doesn't matter very much who you do your cadetship with, as once you have that magic ticket you can then take a job on any ship.

    As to what kind of company would suit you, that's something only you can decide. IMHO the shipping lines that provide the best on-board training seem to be small companies, cruise ships and tankers. Language barriers will be something you experience throughout your career and it's probably best to get used to it. Admittedly if you're the only english speaker on a ship then it can be an issue, but as english is (supposedly) the universal language of the sea, then you can usually get by.

    Your sponsor company will pay you throughout the course, but different companies have different levels of pay, some pay less while you are on your sea phase as you (theoretically) have no living expenses.

    Hope that helps a bit S4


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