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  • Re-applying

    Good morning all,

    Some may remember me (poor souls) I was under the username of Wilson (I think was a while back).

    I had applied to CMT for Deck Officer sponsorship in Nov 2010, by February 2011, I was offered a Deck Officer Trainee sponsorship with Clyde Marine to study at South Tyneside.

    I decided (which to this day I slightly regret) to withdraw myself due to being offered a career in Aviation.

    Now I'm looking for the challenge again and I'm hoping that 2013 could be the year.

    Are CMT recruiting at the moment? I haven't looked into Maersk as yet, but will be.

    if any newbies want any advice on selection and applying (feel free to either PM me or message me), I'm not as up to date as most peeps on this forum, but I will help where I can.



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    Did you withdraw before or after starting?

    If it was before you started might have issues with CMT but other companies wont know. So if you apply to CMTyou'll need to be able to some how demostrate why you wont change your mind again. Other companies will want to know why you started a career in aviation then changed your mind. They might doubt your commitment or ability. Basically it's all about the CV never lie but sell good points down play anything else

    If it was after you started your into all sorts of issues with smart funding and will find it almost impossible to find a sponsor.