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    I'm a bit stuck on the Chiltern and Viking application pages.
    They ask for basic details, and a short statement about why you want to go to sea. In this section I've basically put my personal statement. Then when you click submit application they ask for your CV. Now will they want to see my personal statement again? Without it my CV is just a list of where I went to school/uni and my referees. It feels a little bare without a personal statement, but I don't want to repeat myself. Any ideas?

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    Put em both in, irregardless of repeating yourself.

    When you come down to it, an Application form and a CV are essentially the same thing, so of course you will repeating items.

    At a rough guess (not knowing how Chiltern and Viking work) the application form is for the Agency, but they may provide Cadets for companies who like to interview potential cadets themselves as well. So what happens is you apply to Chiltern, who review your application and decide if they want to take you on. They then send your CV across to said company so that they can review it and decide if they wish to interview you.

    Just make sure everything matches up between the two, because it could get slightly embarrassing for you otherwise.........


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      Ok, sounds good. I might expand a little in the CV as there's more space and no advised limit on words. My current statement is 250words because that's what SSTG and Maersk wanted, and it reads a little clipped, I think.
      Thanks for the advice