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  • Carnival Response?

    Has anyone heard back from Carnival after the assessment days for the January intake yet?

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    You do sometimes have to wait a while because you don't know what other assessment centres they are holding or grades/qualifications they are waiting on for other applicants.

    A rough guess, wait until mid-end of November. It could be earlier but rest assured you will hear either way if you are successful or not.

    Good luck, I hope you get what you want

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      I had my assessment day on 20th September and haven't heard anything yet either. At the time I was told I was part of the penultimate assessment and would be likely to hear the outcome on 5th October.


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        Yeah I was told 1st/2nd week in October also, just wanted to see if anyone else was in the same situation. Will maybe give them a wee ring on Monday if I still haven't heard. Hopefully we will be getting some good news!!


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          I recall when I was a cadet, I applied for Canival UK and never heard anything, until one day during Phase 3 I received a letter from them inviting me for interview... Maybe worth following up with them on the phone/e-mail.