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  • Applying for college

    Hello, all.

    I was just wondering if anyone has any advice on when it is best to send an application form to companies such as Clyde Marine and SSTG regarding the September 2013 intake. Many Thanks.

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    Hello. Im with CMT and applied in february but was then kept waiting for months for an interview. Talking to other Clyde lads and lasses at college, most who got interviews quickly applied between pretty much now up til december, getting interviews within a month. however, either way with clyde you will have to wait for something at some point in the application stage. With clyde though, they do look at all applications so as far as I know there no better or worse time to apply to get 'more chance' to be accepted
    Good luck with your application
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      I would also advise you write a short cover letter explaining a little about you rather than just attaching a CV/application!
      There is also no harm in sending a follow up email a few weeks after to show you are enthusiastic! Best of luck to you.


      If you would like to ask any questions please comment on my blog or you can email
      [email protected] and I will be happy to help if I can.


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        Thanks for the quick response, tommy and the mariner.

        Also, thanks for the advice. I think I'll send an application to Clyde Marine and various other companies relatively soon, you've got to be in it to win it. Out of curiosity, what shipping companies did you apply for and what shipping company did you get? Cheers!!


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          Is this really for the anon forum?

          Most companies also use a standard application form, so make sure you fill that in instead of just sending them a CV!
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              my advice is go with sstg, my mates here at college with clyde only found out they were getting sent to college 4 days before they were going, unlike me at sstg finding out the october/november before, seems sstg are so much more organised!!!


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                Nothing stops u applying to both