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Lack of qualifications.

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  • Lack of qualifications.

    Due to being a bit of an unruly arse during my teenage years I managed to leave high school with no real maths qualifications (a standard grade 7). I did somehow manage to get a 2 in English, a 3 in IT computing, a 3 in art and a 3 in craft and design. God knows how, I don't remember doing any revision at all.
    I have since attended college where I completed an HNC in Web Development and I also attended university for a year before deciding it wasn't for me.
    Now that I have set myself on becoming a deck officer I find my lack of maths credentials coming back to haunt me.
    What are my options?
    The only mathematics courses I see available at local colleges are Intermediate 1 and 2 courses. These are equivalent to GCSE/Standard Grade? Will sponsoring companies recognise these?
    Is completing these courses my only option?

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    Ring up a few sponsoring companies and ask what qualifications they would accept in lieu, as they are quite picky.

    And yes, bringing yourself upto speed at GCSE grade B maths (or equivalent) is your only option.
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      As you appear to suffer from Scottishness, I would suggest that you contact Clyde Marine and see what advice they can give you, if there are any particular companies that you want to work for then contact them as well.

      It could go either way in that companies look and see that you wasted your time at school or that they look and see that you have made the effort now and sorted yourself out.
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        Hi st33,
        I did intermediate 2 maths 1 year ago, and found it really good. After sitting the exam, I told the companies on applications and in interviews about it, and they knew about intermediate 2's and how it's harder than standard grades. But I would highly recommend it due to the high level of mathematical content that's expected of you in the cadetship, and it should give you a good heads start.