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    Hello, I've just had the last of my info through from CMT about starting my Deck officer cadetship in glasgow on september the 3rd, now I know the bursary rate was given weekly but the letter mentions it not being paid untill the end of september, does this mean its a monthly thing or will it be weekly from then on.
    And I guess the main question is, am I still within my rights to apply to SAAS for a student loan since technically I am doing a HNC/HND Course?
    Also is there anyone going to glasgow who wont be staying in halls and traveling in each day?
    Sorry for the barrage of questions but just racking about trying to get everything sorted.
    Thanks, Chris.

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    As I remember, you can't apply for SAAS until you start the HNC section of the course. This isn't normally the first college phase but the second college phase. Contact CMT to verify this. You don't want the nightmare of having applied then being given the money then having to return it then applying a year later only to be told you already got the funding the year previous and are therefore not eligible, *inhales* trust me. The CMT pay is monthly, however it is divided into 5 week and 4 week months. Normally the last Friday of the month. Plenty of people travel in but in terms of money it makes little difference, training pay is still rubbish.
    A tip for the future is when you are eligible for SAAS, student loans then you should try to save the money for any possible resits. And if the resits never come you have a nice little nest egg for when you get your CoC and begin job hunting.


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      If you open a student account, it comes with a good overdraft i suggest natwest. Could also get a credit card just make sure you pay it off at the end of the month. Seems thats what a lot of people suggest, theirs a few threads on it now if you search for them


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        I'm already maxed on my current student overdraft (from years gone by) but unfortunately last pay check from work was yesterday and that will be going on living costs for this month (and things we need to buy like books, blazer? ect.)
        I'll check with CMT next week though if the HNC phase starts or not but cheers for the heads up.
        Another quick question, Ive filledi n everything I need to, signed sponsor agreement, even had my CMT badge I'm ment to sew onto a blazer (will we have to wear a blazer ever day in glasgow?). But I've yet to hear anything back about what actual company will be sponsoring me, should I be concerned about this or will this happen later once the college phase starts


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          someone here asked the same thing about the CMT badge also read in one of the threads that you get told what company is sponsoring you when you're at college or closer to the sea time, thinks its so if you find out you have a crap company you can't drop out last minute :P


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            Welcome, I too am starting the HNC at Glasgow in September. You mention you have a previous student account, what was that for? I have a previous foundation degree and I have been told I am subsequently ineligible for any funding, but I wouldn't suggest you not apply, you never know.