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Offshore Marine Services VS Deep Sea Voyages.

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  • Offshore Marine Services VS Deep Sea Voyages.

    Hi guys!!!!

    Once again Im glad that I am able to find this forums and have a chance to network with seafarers worldwide.

    My name is Leon, currently a Cadet studying Diploma in Nautical Studies (Deck Officer) in Sarawak Maritime Academy, Malaysia.

    I have a very troubling question.

    In terms of future career prospects, are there any difference between working in the Offshore Marine line and Deep Sea Freight line? By future prospect I mean industry recognition and also future job opportunities if I were to find a job ashore after getting Chief Mate license.

    I am actually a self sponsored cadet now and so far I have gotten 2 maritime companies that offers me a scholarship but they clearly state that i will be working in an offshore environment. So Im kinda in a dilemma now.

    Thanks for reading this thread guys and I thank you all in advance for reading/replying to this post.