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please help me guys!

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  • please help me guys!

    Name: faqur
    Email: ** REMOVED **
    Message: dear,every body. sorry to bother you all. my name is faqur, im a new cadet,from indonesia, im 18 yo,and im new comer in sefarer world.
    now im school in merchant marine college in surabaya or in indonesia languange we call with balai pendidikan dan pelayaran(BP2IP) SURABAYA.
    to the point yahh, if i want i want to graduate from that school, i must practice in a ship. but i'm so confuse ,because I do not have a contact person, to help me to find the ship as a Cadet there moreover I was pressed for time by the school to immediately display.
    If allowed, I would like to ask you. thanks for reading my post
    I expect good information from you all.

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    Faqur, I've already answered your question elsewhere.

    Do no spam the site with the same question!
    I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

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      no,, sorry before..
      I was deliberately written 2 posts, because i dont see a response in the previous post...
      but I was wrong was my reply to post.