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  • Time at sea?!

    So this might sound really stupid to all you salty sea dogs but due to the fact I've never actually been outside UK waters whilst at sea I wouldn't know.

    When at sea you travel through time zones right. So does the ships company keep to one time for things like watches or do you have to work out the difference whenever your moving?

    E.g. Your watch is at 0300 as it may be every Tuesday. This would be different in different parts of the globe.


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    Interesting question....

    Knock at the door... "You're late for your watch" - "Hold on, just a second...." *passes into the next time zone* "I'm actually 59 minutes early Sir"


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      You keep to ships time, and as you travel across oceans the clocks will occasionally be put forward or back by an hour, so that you keep vaugely in synch with the time zone you are in, otherwise you'd end up in midday sunshine at midnight!


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        As s4 says, you will keep "ships time" which may not be the same as the local time - we regularly keep on ships time to avoid having to change the clocks forward / back an hour every few days.

        Normally when going forward 1 hour, all the watches will work 20 minutes less, and when going back an hour they all work 20 minutes longer (thus every1 works the same extra / less).
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