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  • After the interview..

    Hi guys, had my interview 10 days ago, with clyde marine went excellent took all the stuff i.e. passport exam results predicted grades, i was told at the end they would contact me via email then i would scan my grades off to them.. she didn't look at them during the interview.

    i know via a source in the company i will be choosing that the interview went very well... just clyde haven't said anything about the exam results? do i just wait for contact or should i contact them?

    main company is rccl...

    cheers for any advice.

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    Wait for CMT to contact you, they're pretty busy at the moment so you'll be on their 'to do' list. When are your grades released? They may contact you nearer that date.
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      There a levels, not released for a long time, she told me I'd hear the news in about 3 weeks saying if I was successful


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        i have a interview soon, could you possiable give me any advice for the interview and what sort of questions they asked you ?


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          if they said you would hear in 3 weeks and its only been 10 days simple enough answer .......
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