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  • Strange rejection...

    So heres the story so far. I applied last november to Clyde Marine and got offered an interview. When I was due to attend the interview, there was a bereavement in my close family so I didnt attend. Got in touch with them a month or so ago and asked if I could re-arrange the interview and was told to re-submit my application. I did so and waited.

    This morning I received a letter stating that my application was unsuccessful.

    This has really knocked me for six as I was counting on this being successful as my current job ends in august, and I was hoping to jump straight from that into the cadetship. (I know, shouldnt count my chickens...)

    Is this the be all and end all, or do you think its worth getting in touch with them?

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    While I can not speak for why you were rejected, it is possible that it was because you want to start in September and they simply do not have places available (considering that you were scheduled an interview before).

    I assume you advised them you would be unable to attend the interview in advance and didn't simply not turn up!

    Although it is possible that given the present climate and cutting of funding that they have re-assessed what they want from applicants and you no longer match their requirements.

    If Clyde is the only company you applied to.. why not try applying to other companies - if you specified you wanted to apply for September then remove this from your applications - as most will then consider you for January or next September.
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      Did you advise them at the time of your family issue or did you just not show up at all?
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        Stick a app into sstg, anglo eastern, james fishers and as many others you can find as well. Increase your chances.


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          Originally posted by GuinnessMan View Post
          Did you advise them at the time of your family issue or did you just not show up at all?
          ^^This. Your blurb makes it sound like you didn't inform them at the time. As I'm sure you had other things on your mind it's not a mistake you can really be faulted for, but a recruiter who has put time aside for an interview only to get a no-show will probably blacklist that candidate as it suggest massive unreliability (bare in mind, if you didn't inform them, they wouldn't realize you had a valid reason not to attend.)