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applying to companies for january intakes?

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  • applying to companies for january intakes?

    does anyone know about the january intakes? havent looked on too many sites but the ones i have been on, like meridian, say they are finished taking applications?

    any suggestions which companies i should send applications too for january?

    thanks guys

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    All of them! Just click on every company on the careers at sea website and see if they are accepting for january.
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      Just apply for all, if they dont have january intake they should keep you in consideration for next sept.


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        As these guys have said ^^^^^ go for all of them and see what you get back, try ringing them up too, sometimes its good if you contact them via phone, makes you a bit more memorable and theyll be more receptive (think thats the right word) if you want help with something, thats what Ive found anyway x