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Recent feedback from Clyde Marine - FYI

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  • Recent feedback from Clyde Marine - FYI

    Hi all,

    I was rejected last week by Clyde Marine and just rang for feedback on the application. They said that because of recent funding changes and the volume of applicants for Deck, CMT are favouring applicants with sea-going experience and/or no previous third-level education. They also said to reapply in 6 months or so, which was pretty encouraging.

    Just thought I'd share in case anyone was interested.

    CMT didn't say whether other companies were taking the same approach. Has anyone heard similar from anywhere else?

    I'm not too disheartened as I reckoned I'd probably left it too late for entry this year anyway. Will be heading to Warsash Open Day in June to interrogate recruiters all over the place.


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    I'm very sorry to hear that, and do hope that you manage to find a place. The amount of people desiring cadetships has increased so much in recent years. When I did my cadetship 10 years ago, they really struggled to fill places and the average age of the cadets was around 16-22. It now seems to have become quite a desirable career option, maybe due to the recession where very few career choices can guarantee you a job when you a finish on a good salary.
    Good luck.


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      Oh don't tell me that...I have absolutely no seagoing experience but hope to start applying in Nov for Sept 13 intake. I want to do engineering, currently studying for BTEC level 3 engineering at college. I have all the GCSE's they're asking for and should finish this course with at least the 120 ucas points for the FD but seriously considering doing the HND cause I'm better at the practical than theory work. Any advice folks???????


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        Tecj1976, sorry to hear that you weren't successful, but well done for phoning up and well done for sharing the info. Also good to see Clyde giving some useful feedback. Good luck when you re-apply.

        Mucker750, I am not really sure that there is a whole lot of difference between the HND and the FD to be honest, both have a fair bit of academic study involved, but if you have the required qualifications to get on the course then you should be OK. Maybe some of those here who have gone through the system a little more recently than me can advise you better, other than that your sponsoring company should be able to advise you. Good luck either way.
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