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Too late to start applying for sept 2012?

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  • Too late to start applying for sept 2012?

    Hello , new here and I was just wondering if it's too late to apply for september 2012

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    Hi Burner,
    tommo here, I think most of the interviews have been done for the Sept intake for this year. However there is no harm in applying because there is also a January intake as well.

    Hope this helps!!


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      I do know that the last time we looked at Bibby's website they had put up that they were only opening their applications for September in April this year. Might be worth checking them out, or as Tommo said, January Intake is your best bet.

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        I started applying in February, had an interview for Maersk and PG, both failed . However i applied to like 10 companies back then and was told by a few to wait a couple of months. So i did and applied to sstg, bibby and angloeastern today, just hope its not too late though


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          I don't know about exact closing dates. But some companies employ a 'never too late' strategy. So, there's no harm in applying now. As tommo says, there's a jan intake as well, so worst that happens is you wait 4 months longer.

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