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  • General Life in Warsash

    I understand that Warsash offer limited parking based on like a first come first serve basis, but is there much point to having a car there?? is it far out in the sticks that you need a car or could you get in and out of Southampton comfortably using taxis and public transport that wont set you back a lot of money
    Also is accommodation set-up so that your rooming with people from the same sponsoring company as you, or does the sponsor just pay and ur get put with whoever your put with.
    Finally, what are sports and nightlife like . are there any local rugby/field hockey teams in the area you can join, whats the nightlife like in warsash. Is it any good or is it worth it going into portsmouth or southampton for a weekly night out.

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    Warsash is a village, the nightlife is three pubs... not thr kind you get slaughtered in and annoy the locals.

    It's ?20 in a taxi to Southampton, although if there are a few of you in it?

    A bus into Southampton is ?5 or something return.

    Having a car is well worth it.

    Accomodation is sorted company/under 18. They usually do a good job of putting same companies and age toghther.
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      Sorry for hijacking the thread.

      Does anyone know if there's a water taxi to hamble from warsash? Or do you have to travel to Swanwick to cross the river?


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        Perfect thanks


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          Thanks a lot faust, not really looking to get slaughtered. just looking at others things to do other than sit in a room all day. Any idea what sports is like there?? many decent sports(Rugby or hockey) clubs arround. If ive got my car then im sure its easy to travel to areas within like half an hour to go training.


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            You can play cricket on Brambles sand bank, that's if you like cricket


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              The Solent Uni run sports clubs etc... I believe they hold them at training grounds around the main campus in Southampton, you will get told all about clubs during the fresher week.

              Personally I didn't partake in any of them, the only sport I do is pint lifting... very strenuous activity.