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    Hey Everyone,

    I'm being sponsored by a company with ships around 80m long as a deck cadet. Would it be hard for me to progress to larger ships or is this done often? I hope someday to work on larger ships. Even if it meant being employed at a lower rank after I progressed within this company.

    Please reply


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    What sort of ships are they? Thats probably more important than the size.


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      research and survey vessels


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        I am not certain, but I would have thought that trading patterns would be more of a restriction than ship length, i.e. if you have never been out of the Thames Estuary before then you are unlikely to get a job on a container ship. Maybe one of the navigator type chaps or chapesses who frequent the forums will know better.

        Either way there would be stepping stones such as dredgers etc. which would allow you to build your experience on slighty bigger ships.
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          Ahh okay, well these research and survey vessels, range from about 50 to 90 meters and do work in deep sea in areas just as the north sea, atlantic etc. Hopefully more light can be shed on this Thanks all the same.


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            Its not really a massive issue - I once worked with a guy who went from 60 meter coasters to the QE2, I recall when on the bridge he said the 13 knots we were doing down Southampton water was the 'quickest he had ever been on a ship...' but perhaps things have changed...
            Anyways, you always find that certain sections of the industry become unavailable over time - my personal view that a rounded cadetship on cargo vessels will stand you in good stead for the future and the research and survey sector is a great area to be in.
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              Thank you very much, this is very encouraging