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  • Slightly dissapointed

    Hi everyone,
    tommo here, well it looks like I won't be going to sea college this year, and will reaply for sept 2013, howvever I am only 16 years old, However I have a question for you lot.
    I am doing my highers/ a-levels this year, rather than returning back to my final year at school, is there anything I can do to further my application, I am already in the sea cadets though..

    all advice welcome!!

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    Hi mate, did you hear back from BP I take it?


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      May I ask what you're taking exams in?

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        you would need to give us more information before its possible to offer any good ideas. which course did you apply for, which and how many companies turned you down, were you applying with actual grades (for an HNC) or predicdted grades,

        Given that your only 16 it puts you at a huge dissadvantage, its much harder to do well at an interview if its your first few. on the other hand if someone at 25 applies and gets rejected thats kinda it, theres going to be very little change in a few years, your much more likely to have been knocked back becasue your not what they are looking for YET.

        as for making yourself more appealing, dont get hung up on sea cadets or tall ships, they are good to have to show that you have an interest but if you turn it into your life it will also become a hindrance. get out and get a job so you have more interviews and also some good answers for questions about dealing with a workplace. If your grades are crap get them sorted with a night class.
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          yeah reusch, i found out today, never mind there is next year.
          As for exams I am doing higher; Maths, physics, Geography, Product Design, and religious issues.


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            Hi Tommo, I'm sure you must be disappointed, but the extra year might end up being a good thing, I have recently posted in another thread that I think it is better to go to sea at 18 than at 16.

            Without knowing your exact circumstances it is hard to give advice, but I reckon the best thing you can do is go back to school for the extra year, you could always contact some of the companies who you have already been in touch with and ask them for advice.
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              Plug on with maths and physics. That's my best advice, those subjects will serve you well.

              Sorry you didn't get in this time round, but don't give up. I don't know what your circumstances were on this occasion but maybe next time you can apply to a few different companies to try and increase your chances of gain cadetship.

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                Yeah well at this stage there isn't realy a lot ( parents want me to have my final year at school) plus, I can further my grade, and I have a good idea of what to expect next year in terms of interviews and recruitment process.

                Is it worth while getting a job on the ferries as a rating? my father is a captain on them who knows some people...etc, will that further my application, if I get the necessary grades this year for the fd course, or should I just return for my last year of school???

                Thank's a lot Tommo


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                  Do sixth year, get Advanced Highers in Maths, Physics and Geography, and keep your options open.


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                    Sorry to hear mate. But I do think your age has a lot to do with it..I'm 22 and I found the BP interview really tough so can't imagine what its like for a 16 year old with little experience. And I agree with the others that sticking with your A levels will help a lot with your future.

                    There's still plenty of time for you so I wouldn't worry too much.


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                      Yeah thank's all for the feedback, I will definetly be re applying next year, and hopefuly get in to the fd course.

                      Hahah I don't know about advance highers in maths, physics and geography Steve it will all depend on my exams results this year!! Better get my head down because my Geography is next tuesday.

                      Thank's for the support guys, I take it you went through the scottish system Steve, did you do highers aswell??

                      Thank's again, I appreciate it!


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                        Sorry to hear that also! In the interview I asked that if I'm unsuccessful can I re-apply for the Jan intake? They said they hold all interview notes for 18 months and may invite you back for another interview in September.

                        I would email or ring and ask for feedback. Then you'll know for sure whether it's an age issue or an interview/skills/grades issue.

                        I still havn't heard anything Was it this morning you heard?

                        All the best for the future!


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                          emm yeah well i reeived the e-mail, yesterday howevr I didnt read it until an hour ago (at which point I weeped uncontrolably/ not realy..) I have just sent off an e-mail regarding feedback so i will be able to see were I went wron in the interview.
                          I have a feeling it is because I am 16, and am still to sit my highers..

                          However there is always next year!! and I will be in a much better position!

                          All the best mate! Good luck for the future!


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                            There's plenty of discussion regarding applications and advice to those applying on here. Don't be a stranger now

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                              haha cheers Randomist,

                              don't worry, I won't be a stranger because I didnt get accepted by bp I am posotive that I will have a career at sea, it is just a matter of when.. and after my exams I will probably write a blog in order to keep everyone updated!