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Running a business from college?

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  • Running a business from college?

    I run an e-commerce online store holding a small garage amount of stock.

    I understand there will be no where to store this stock in the college accommodation but I can pay a company to store, pack and post all my items.

    How's the internet at colleges and is it free? I just need somewhere I can sit for an hour a day to answer/send emails, do marketing tweets and maybe a few Skype calls.

    Sea time could be a problem but I have a brother who owns a very large warehouse for his Internet business and he said he could run mine for a 10% share of profits.

    I don't really want to pack it in as I have spent a lot of time and effort building the site.


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    I considered doing this but due to the nature of what i was making decided it would be best not done that said the IT policy for South Tyneside does prohibit the use for comercial purpose's so you would be looking at having a mobile dongle or similar to give you the access you need. ( i would guess most colleges have similar ideas but the info should be online)
    you can take it with a pinch of salt, but i prefer it with a nip of whisky


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      What store is it?


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        Thanks for the advice about the Internet rules. Bit of a bum really. Might have to invest in a mifi contract then. Website is: but everything is mostly sold on eBay or amazon.


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          The other question is what are you long term aims from it? how will you manage being away at sea for 4 months and not being able to deal with it at all (again IT policy )
          you can take it with a pinch of salt, but i prefer it with a nip of whisky


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            It will be a problem when at sea. For sea phases I can get family members to run it. I just want to keep it rolling slowly for 3 years while in college to help out on monthly costs. As I say it provides beer money or fuels the car for a few days.