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Carnival Assessment Maths exam????

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  • Carnival Assessment Maths exam????

    Hello everyone I have a carnival assessment day on tuesday and I was wondering (late I know but I just found out!) about the GCSE higher maths exam, is it calculator, non-calculator or both? thanks guys!!!! oh and any info about the interview would be much appreciated too

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    Hi Hatty, I am starting with Carnival in September, my interview was in December. The maths test is a mix of non-calc and calculator questions. I was rather disappointed with my mark simply because I thought it would be okay studying from Higher (Scottish A Level Equivalent) books, it turns out I had forgotten a lot since the previous May!! I really enjoyed the assessment day, it isn't overly formal and the interviewers are both really friendly and approachable if you have any questions! I would just say have a good understanding of what the job will involve and be yourself. Best of luck!


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      thanks irnbru (ps drinking some now lol!) jus tried doing a mock online not as easy as i remember xD but yeh ill keep goin and try my best


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        No problem! Haha, I'd like to say I am wearing a hat, but sadly not! If you have anymore question just PM me


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          Hey Hatty, I did my interview in November, the maths test is basically what they say on the tin, a higher grade GCSE maths test. I recently did some advanced maths prior to the interview so thought I would breeze through it, I was wrong :P! I actually really struggled with the test especially after not doing any GCSE maths for 3 years (except some revision on BiteSize) but I made sure I showed all my working out and took my time on the questions, it's probably better to give them a go and answer them as well as you can, rather than rush them and try to finish them all (i think)! Even though I got no where near the end of the test or answered the highest mark questions, I have managed to get a ETC with Carnival and start in September too