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Sift interview tomorrow!!

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  • Sift interview tomorrow!!

    Evening Guys

    So the big day arrives tomorrow! It's my RFA sift interview for Deck Officer cadet and I'm slightly excited and maybe a bit nervous!
    I feel confident on all the revision I have done regarding ship information, positions, RFA current affairs and history, possible interview questions about myself and how I'm suited to the role. And I was just wondering if anyone has some more tips and info if you have done the sift interview that think may be useful! Any tips will be greatly appreciated

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    Not got any tips for you, but certainly wish you the best of luck!


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        Hope you found the other SIFT threads, and sorry for missing this post! With the site being down for a while I haven't kept up to date.

        How did the interview go? Hopefully all went well and you are now awaiting an AIB date, that's where all the fun begins!
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          Hey Giren,
          The interview went well! Just a few things regarding too many hand gestures and needing a more detailed explanation of the role need to be improved.

          Got my AIB on 12th-14th June so got time to cram in more revision! Any particular areas you think would be a good idea spend a bit more time on?

          Have you got your dates through yet?


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            Yep I'll be going from the 20th May, can't wait to get stuck in. Advice for AIB (you might have seen as it's copied from my last post)

            Service knowledge is really tested, albeit only 1 part of the process if you can afford to spend the time learning about all 3 branches, RFA, Navy and marines it would be really helpful. Have a really good chat with the RN guys there as they might know more about the Navy than you have brushed up on and can help you to get a few final facts in your head before the test, likewise you can help tell them about RFA details.

            The maths questions in the planning exercise will really be fired quick and fast at you, so practice, practice, practice with these speed/distance/time stuff. In the planning exercises keep track of what time everything is happening as it can get confusing.

            PLTs are great fun just remember to be heard when you need to be. Don't worry about falling in the water either, I did and managed to soak one of the officers on my board but still made it through (just).

            Practice the Bleep test just so you know what is coming, its tough but not pass/fail.

            Re-read the form you sent before SIFT interview where you detailed times in your life when you were...(leader of a group for example) they will ask you these again in the 30 minute interview.

            Essays are not the be all and end all, mine was terrible and I was told as much by the RFA officer there. Although he said they had given lenience due to me going for engineer and having left school a while back. The psychometric tests were ok for me but don't worry if you don't finish them...I'm sure the maths one isn't possible to complete all questions - just skip, move on and come back at the end if you have time.

            That's all off the top of my head, I'm sure someone will let you know if there are any vitals I missed.

            All the best mate, also hang around the forums you never know what helpful pieces of info you might pick up.
            I beard, therefore I am.