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How does Chiltern Maitime and Viking work?

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  • How does Chiltern Maitime and Viking work?

    Can anyone help cure my curiosity... How does Chiltern Maitime and Viking work?
    If you where selected for an interview and wanted a cadetship with Viking (one of the Cruise companies), would it be on behalf of Chiltern? :s


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    As far as I know, Viking provide the admin for some cruise ship sponsors such as HAL and the interviews are at their office in Dover.

    Chiltern and Viking are connected and share some staff, but I think Viking would still be your official training administrator.
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      A few years ago the owner of Chiltern decided he would retire, so he sold the company to Viking.

      Viking appointed someone to run it as an individual agency, but they do share some staff.

      Chiltren manage the cadetship program for Trinity House, Marine Education Fund, Maritime London Scholarship etc...

      Viking put cadets on cruise ships such as Holland America Line, Fred Olsen and a few others I think.


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        Thanks Chris and Faust, that makes much more sense to me now.
        So if I was offered an Interview with Chiltern Maritime, would I specify that I would like sponsorship with Viking in particular?


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          Viking don't sponsor you, they would be your managers. Viking take on Cadets for shipping companies, like the ones I listed above.

          If you want to work for one of the companies Viking recruit for, then you'd have to apply to them directly.
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            Cheers Faust , Understood now.


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              Originally posted by mikeodude View Post
              Cheers Faust , Understood now.
              Just to clarify too sorry its a little late lol.

              As faust said they recruit cadets for a number of companies and arrange sponsorship for them, however you are managed throughout your cadetship by staff at chiltern or viking (one and the same).

              When i applied, i applied to trinity house but actually ended up getting sponsorship from the Maritime Education Foundation (MEF) for my cadetship, however im still managed by the guys at chiltern. I was told there wasnt really any difference in the sponsors, epecially for the ETO course im on it was literally where they fit me on the books after they were happy with my application/interview.
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                Thanks for the info!

                I'm a SSTG cadet, any advice on how other companies work is much appreciated.