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    Hello again everybody,
    tommo here again... sorry to be a pain but I have had confirmation about my bp interview, which is in a week, and I am quite frankly crapping myself. I was wondering if there was anybody on the forum who has had an interview with bp, and could tell me what to expect and share some much appreciated advice. I have read various interview help threads, but I still do not feel confident. Is there anybody else in my position???

    everyone's advice welcome Thank's so much tommo
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    There's not much to be said then; you've read all the generic interview advice. Have you read BP's own website and researched what's happened to them in the last 2 years and what's planned for the next 2? What's the latest on the gulf oilspill? Who's the chief exec now? Failing that, get down the local pusher and ask if he's got any betablockers(joke! don't do that; drug abuse is bad m'kay?).
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      Research the company, tell them why you want this job, why you are suitable, where you see yourself in 5-10 years, knowledge on the merchant navy industry (diff types of ships), research the role of deck officer , any exp you have at sea/away from home, research recent publised maritime events.

      I didnt plan my interview at all but if I were to do it again, these are topics I would have covered