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    Hello folks,
    tommo here, I have had a successful phone interview with bp, and have been invited to an interview in london in two weeks. So, I was just wondering if anyone on this forum could give me an insight into what to expect?? I am 16 years and was also wondering if this is a problem with bp, because of insurance due to the fact that I would be under 18 during my first sea phase? Also, can they give me a conditional for sept 2013???

    thank's again tommo

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    I wouldn't worry about being under 18, the fact BP have given you a telephone interview and are prepared to give you a second interview means they are seriously considering you as a future cadet.

    Just like any other interview, be prepared for the usual questions - search around for threads on interview techniques!

    Best of luck with the interview!


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      Hi Tommo, Congrats on the interview.
      I'm also going for Sept 2013 and would love to be a with a company like BP, I thought it was too early for Sept 2013 as on BP's website it says application for Jan'13 starts in May...? Let me know how you applied for it
      All views are my own and not that of my employer/training company.


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        Hi PatrickW,
        my plan is to join in sept of this year, however I was just wondering if bp offer conditionals for sept 2013 due to the fact that I am still quite young and some companies do not like taking on cadets when they are under 18, during their first sea phase. But all going to plan, I hope to be joining in september of this year.
        I hope everything goes well with your application for sept 2013!



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          Ahh I see, I'm 17 so I'll be 18 when I'm looking to join. Hopefully try and get to the Warsash open day in June and get some more info then.
          Hope all goes well for you too! Wish I was joining this September!
          All views are my own and not that of my employer/training company.


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            technically being under 18 makes no difference, there are special rules for under 18's on board ship, about work hours and jobs to be done etc, some companies mprefer older cadets as they tend to have looked into the whole career and have a pervieved lower drop out rate (I say perceived as I dont know the numbers but it's a feeling etc)

            Anyway good luck, it is a job interview so remember that and you wont go far wrong

            FYI I was 17 when I started so dont worry :-)
            Trust me I'm a Chief.

            Views expressed by me are mine and mine alone.
            Yes I work for the big blue canoe company.
            No I do not report things from here to them as they are quite able to come and read this stuff for themselves.

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              There's was rake of under 18s on our course including folk who were still under 18 when they went to sea. From this evidence I have shoddily deduced that they don't seem that bothered by age.


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                thanks everyone who commented above, I have looked on various interview tip threads, and I have also has an interview with sstg so I am fairly sure what to say, also my father is a captain in the merchant navy so I have been getting advice from him, now he's home. However I was wondering if anyone on this forum had had an interview with bp in the past, and could tell me what to epect as I am slightly nervouse because this will be the biggest interview I have had so far and I realy want it to go well.

                Thank's again Tommo