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  • Changing college?

    I hav an interview with Clyde and they say that I will probably be going to Fleetwood, I'm not going to lieI was disappointed as I had my heart set on Warsash,is it possible that before I start to ask if I could go to Warsash instead, do they allow you to choose your college at all???

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    There's no harm in asking.. I presume you live near Warsash.. in which case they may be purposely sending you to Fleetwood purely so you can get used to being away from home before you end up on the other side of the world
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      I actually live in W. Yorkshire so bout 4 hours from warsash 2hours from fleetwood, so actually warsash is further away, one of reasons i want to go there, if im gonna move then might as well move far


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        Ask, but have a good reason on why you want to go somewhere else, on the other hand consider the advantages to being only a few hours away from home, less hassle at start and end of term, or if the college offer a 5 day rate for the halls its possible to go home every weekend. although im impressed you can get to warsash in 4 hours.

        But yeah talk to them they are a decent bunch and it doesnt hurt to understand the reaosning behind what otherwise seems like arbitary decisions
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