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Glasgow College - A few Qs

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  • Glasgow College - A few Qs

    hi there, i'm starting glasgow in september, i was wondering if anyone who is currently there could tell me what its like, accomodation, food, the city itself and the college. any help is appreciated. sorry if this is the wrong part of the forum.

    cheers, ciar
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    The College has had a huge change in it recently and combined with other Glasgow Colleges - hence City of Glasgow College. Thus causing a lot of administration problems however the place is still an excellent teaching establishment.

    I was Nautical Science and therefore can only talk about Deck stuff . . . In general the lectures are very good and the facilities are not too shabby. As for the Accommodation, I would (personally) opt of staying in the Halls of Residence and take accommodation in St Lukes. The HoR are not great, very small cabin like rooms, shared WC facilities and the food is horrid! St Lukes is more "homely" and you get your own WC facilities, double bed (if you request one in advance) and you can decide when you want to eat!

    As for Glasgow, It is amazing. One of Europes finest cities and so diverse. You will have a great time, Glasgow has a lot to offer to Students.

    Hope this gives you a little insight.


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      this has helped thanks alot


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        Hello ciar, I hope you don't mind adding to this the same questions about south Tyneside college as I'm sure a lot of people would get a bit annoyed at two very similar posts, so can anyone tell me about there experiences at stc??