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Impatience slowly starting to set in...

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  • Polaris
    This time last year I was in similar position, nothing for weeks on end, actually wondering if I had a confirmed place or not, in the awkward position of being offered new job roles at my current work and not knowing whether or not to turn them down.

    Call them every couple of weeks, just to ask how progress is going, they won't mind.

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  • Rmar11
    started a topic Impatience slowly starting to set in...

    Impatience slowly starting to set in...

    Hey all,

    Got my letter from CMT offering me my cadetship 2 months ago, 2 months on and still awaiting confirmation/paperwork/ENG1. Now, i know that patience is a virtue, but i need some kind of confirmation as i am currently finishing engineering training and the company providing my training is pushing me to go for local apprenticeships. I am extremely worried about not securing my place in september as if i keep relying on a "Conditional offer" and not solid paperwork confirming i have a place in september, that i have wasted a year of my life training for no pay and not getting a job at the end of it, which would be a crying shame as i am reportedly "One of the best Engineer's they have had"

    Should i call/email them about this?

    Cheers in advance,