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  • Impatience slowly starting to set in...

    Hey all,

    Got my letter from CMT offering me my cadetship 2 months ago, 2 months on and still awaiting confirmation/paperwork/ENG1. Now, i know that patience is a virtue, but i need some kind of confirmation as i am currently finishing engineering training and the company providing my training is pushing me to go for local apprenticeships. I am extremely worried about not securing my place in september as if i keep relying on a "Conditional offer" and not solid paperwork confirming i have a place in september, that i have wasted a year of my life training for no pay and not getting a job at the end of it, which would be a crying shame as i am reportedly "One of the best Engineer's they have had"

    Should i call/email them about this?

    Cheers in advance,


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    This time last year I was in similar position, nothing for weeks on end, actually wondering if I had a confirmed place or not, in the awkward position of being offered new job roles at my current work and not knowing whether or not to turn them down.

    Call them every couple of weeks, just to ask how progress is going, they won't mind.


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      CMT are still doing interviews (mines in mid april for example), and they're still sorting out college fees and company placements and what have you. Although it has been mentioned on this site in another thread somewhere that a conditional offer is as good as a firm offer, the reason its conditional is because of the whole tuition fee debacle and its a conditonal offer on their previous terms which may change

      I'd ring them, it shows willing, and emails can so easily be 'overlooked', especially with CMT as busy as they are at the moment.
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        I agree with Ducki, don't bother E-mailing them as I have been ignored before and you get an answer a lot quicker by calling. I did call them a couple of days ago and was told that they were still waiting for Colleges to release their tuition fees. And the reason some people have already been given offers to do their medical etc.... is because Glasgow college have told Clyde how much they are charging. So if you are planning on going anywhere other than Glasgow then you will just have to sit tight for a while, I was told approx a month


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          I'm not in exactly the same position, but I's rather know sooner than later as me and my partner want to move in together and I can't leave my current job 300 miles away incase I need to secure additional funding. If I have to wait until July it really isn't going to give us much time together, although I'm hoping to attend a college near to her so we'll be closer than we have been the past 12 months. If like me you've picked Warsash (which I picked for its facilities having attended the open day, not proximity to my missus), I'd settle in for a long wait. Seems certain colleges are releasing their fees earlier meaning candidates for other colleges are hearing back first. What I want to know is does this mean certain companies will have taken on their cadets while Warsash candidates are left to pick from what's left... doesn't exactly seem like fair game to me as the companies I have in mind seem all in reasonable demand or have limited places.


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            Yh, I am worried about that too..I hope they give everyone a fair chance..


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              Looks like there's a few of us all in the same boat. ARF ARF ARF.


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                I wouldn't hold your breath to be honest. I had an interview with Clyde last week and they said they are waiting for the colleges to release information about tuition fees but that won't be until after Easter more likely the end of April. So I asked when they expected to send out confirmed offers and the answer was May/June time.


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                  I got my firm offer last week , i guess this is because i am going to glasgow in september, which college were you wanting to go to?


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                    Originally posted by ciarmcg View Post
                    I got my firm offer last week , i guess this is because i am going to glasgow in september, which college were you wanting to go to?
                    Warsash, starting to think there will be an disproportionate number of Zodiac sponsored cadets at Warsash. Afterall, I know some of Clyde's companies hold secondary interviews, so unless they hold fire until June, not going to be much left...


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                      There wasn't a lot of Zodiac cadets in my intake at Warsash. Quite a few companies don't have second interviews.


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                        I had a second interview with Clyde about 10 days ago. It was exactly the same as the first one apart from it was on the phone this time which was better. Saved the travelling but makes me feel like I should of pushed for a phone interview the first time around rather than the epic trip to Glasgow.
                        Then this week I heard that I had received a letter offering me full sponsorship starting at Warsash in September. I haven't read it yet as I'm trying to get it all emailed to me so i can give it a good look. It does say that I have 4 weeks to reply and I have to give uniform sizes and preference of sponsor companies.

                        That's where i'm at regarding the process. It seems to differ from person to person.

                        Good luck everyone.


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                          It's good to hear that people are being offered full sponsorship by Clyde as they really implied to me that this would not be the case. As ever fingers crossed!


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                            Full sponsorship is fantastic news, hopefully companies like Trinity House etc might start sending out interview offers now.
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                              Hey first post.

                              I received an offer of full sponsorship from Clyde the other day too. Had my interview last friday!

                              Pretty happy as I was beginning to worry if my degree would be a problem.

                              A big thanks to the moderators and posters on this site, you've been a great help so far! Hopefully everyone else waiting on confirmation finds out soon.

                              Oh and I'll be attending Glasgow not Warsach
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