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    I have decided at long last to return for my final year at school in order to increase my qualifications (making myself more sellable to companies) and I am going to re apply for sept 2013. Now I am currently sitting in may :
    maths, physics , geography, product design and religious issues all at higher/ A-level.

    Now my question is, If I was to get a C at maths for example, do companies mind if you re take a course in order to better your grade, or do they encourage you to to go a level further e.g. advanced higher??

    The reason I am asking is that I know that some unniversities don't like the idea of re taking a course.

    thank's again !!!

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    Tommo, assuming you are Scottish (since you mention highers), unless the SQA have changed the format of the certificate, it will only list your highest (Higher grade in a subject); therefore providing you didn't get an INT-2 award, and get a higher grade second time round they won't know
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