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  • Advice on choosing sponsoring companies

    Looking for advice on what 3 choices to put I'd love to do cruise liners but I know it's very rare you get them and is it a waste of a choice to pick them. The 3 I can see are RC disney and supplystill. If I can't do them I'd like to be far away in places like USA brazil Africa etc and my3 best options for that look like Africa express line, dole and London ship managers.

    Anyone any advice out with these 6 companies and any advice on what order to place them ?

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    I already know who I'm picking, if I ever get the chance... I've been through all the companies, their websites, their fleets and routes. I know what types of ships I want to work on and know which companies to choose to get that opportunity. I'd suggest you do the same. From memory Africa Express and Dole are reefer opperators, Dole have mostly Indian crews as far as I'm aware and their trade routes seem to be Africa - Europe which I assume Africa Express are the same:

    I can't be sure as they're not my cup of tea and cruise ships even less, seriously, look at the websites, put some thought into it and do your research, also use the advanced search option here, I vaguely remember reading a thread about Dole...


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      I take it you are going throug Clyde Marine then if you are asking about which 3 sponsor companies to pick?

      I can only offer advice with regards to January intakes, sorry. I started in January this year as an engine cadet on the professional diploma course.

      In my class there are quite a few sponsored by Northern Marine Management or through their partnership with David MacBrayne. We all had to attend interviews/selection days with Northern Marine Management at their request. The other boys who didn't get through the Northern Marine process or who weren't invited to interview with them are sponsored by Vroon Offshore and Zodiac.

      I believe with the September start you have more chance of getting one of your 3 preffered sponsor companies, but as with everything in life nothing can be guaranteed. You are only meant to pick one Cruise company out of the 3, its possible you could get one of them, but they always seem to be a popular choice.

      At the end of the day I wouldn't hold out to much hope of getting any of your preferred sponsor companies, but don't worry about that! You will receive training and get the required sea time no matter who you end up with. Ok you might not get the 'overall' experience you were originally seeking but you can look for a job on cruise ships when you are qualified as a junior officer.

      I didn't even put Northern Marine Management down on my list of 3 sponsor companies, but I am certainly glad I have been placed with them as they seem a great company to work for.
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        If you get the option, put down Harrisons 2002 Ltd. You'll get all over the place with them (trust me!)
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          It depends what you want out of your cadetship really.

          If your looking for a nice job when you finish your cadet ship go for a offshore company like Subsea7, Farstad or Gulf Offshore. Only problem if you go with these ones it that you will mostly be in the North Sea and won't get to see many foreign ports. You have to remember that most company's are just hiring cadets for the tonnage tax reliefs, and not actually for hiring as future officers.

          For good foreign port experience, the best would probably be cruise ships, as their purpose is to visit nice ports. I did my training with Africa Express, all their ships trade down to West Africa, so you will get some time up the road there, their ships are full crew Filipinos so don't expect to get any decent navigational training or a job when you finish, and prepare to eat a lot of rice and fish.